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Changing behaviours for good

Lynn is a communications consultancy with one mission: to improve and save lives. We believe behavioural science can do that. By conducting audience research, infusing our creatives and campaigns with behavioural insights, and protecting brands from misinformation, we can curate campaigns which not only stick, but drive audiences to take action. To do good, for good.

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Social & behaviour change communications

At Lynn, we harness the transformative power of behavioral science to craft communications that not only stand out in a world cluttered with choices but also drive the meaningful behavioral change needed to positively impact the world. Our expertise in integrating behavioral insights into campaign development enables us to build more effective, trust-building campaigns that address the critical challenges of our time.

Behavioural Science

We understand what drives audiences and create evidence-based communications that effectively contribute to removing barriers.


We keep an ear to the ground, monitoring and analysing the information environment for the spread of mis and disinformation, and devising effective strategies to counter it.

Lynn Studio

Lynn Studio fuses design and behavioural science to create impactful campaigns that captivate and compel action.


Our behavioural science framework provides end-to-end solutions and tangible results so communications campaigns generate impact.


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We do, we have and we always will produce campaigns with measurable results. Here are some of our most recent triumphs.

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