Our practice areas

We’re on a mission to help our clients improve and save lives through behavioural science, starting with three specialist practice areas:

We began as a service provider for the public health community and have an established track record of success across a wide range of medical, diagnostic, therapeutic and health-promotion areas, with our work demonstrating measurable outcomes. Our multi-award winning campaigns, and pioneering behavioural science research and misinformation services, have helped clients stay one step ahead through the pandemic. Now, we are consolidating our deep expertise with a dedicated practice to demonstrate our commitment to furthering access to healthcare – so our clients can inform and persuade their patients, residents, and service-users to take positive action that can improve and save lives.
We believe climate change is an emergency. We need transformational change at a pace which makes this one of today’s most complex and demanding challenges. Lynn Planet is a dedicated practice which employs systems thinking to find the most impactful solutions to help businesses and other organisations transition to a sustainable future. Its multi-faceted approach succeeds where traditional approaches to communications fall short. By combining expertise from wide-ranging fields of behavioural science and misinformation strategy to social justice and economics, Lynn Planet offers fresh insights to change behaviours effectively and drive ambitious climate actions to save our planet.
We see businesses and organisations of all kinds eager to adapt to a world turned upside down by the past few years. We apply behavioural science to drive business transformation and help our clients not just survive, but thrive, in their own change management efforts.

To find out more about our practice areas and work with us, email contact@lynn.global for an introductory discussion.

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