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Here, we share updates from our work at Lynn – from announcements, award wins to case studies of how we effectively use behavioural science and misinformation strategy to create and implement campaigns that improve and save lives.

Author: Lynn Group

Lynn CEO giving panel discussion

Lynn’s Anthropy Roundup

Lynn’s CEO, Shayoni Lynn, Lynn’s Director of Lynn Planet, Samar Khanna, and Lynn’s Senior Campaign’s Manager and climate enthusiast, Benjamin Cresswell, attended this year’s Anthropy

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PrEP in the South West

On behalf of Lynn, Ethan presented behavioural analysis research into the barriers underpinning PrEP uptake in the South West of England, completed for our client

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What is Ambiguity Aversion?

Have you heard someone mention a fear of the unknown when deciding against getting involved in a situation? Have you ever avoided a situation because you feel the outcome is unknown? You’re presenting a behaviour known as Ambiguity Aversion; the tendency to favour the known over the unknown, including known risks over unknown risks.

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