COVID Behavioural Insights Report – Mid Wales Tourism

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The brief

The impact of COVID-19 on the tourism and hospitality sector has been immense, significantly changing how these industries function going forward. Mid Wales Tourism (MWT) were prepared for a change in how people perceive travel as a result of the pandemic. They also knew that there was growing worry across rural regions in the UK; local communities who may feel visitors from outside their region threaten their personal safety and security of their community.
Lynn PR were appointed by MWT to conduct the first-of-its kind behavioural insights research for Welsh tourism. Specifically, we investigated two key audiences:

  • Tourists travelling to the mid Wales region
  • Communities living and working in the mid Wales region


This was a pioneering piece of research, not just for our client MWT, but the wider Welsh tourism, to help them understand how to respond to the pandemic using behavioural science tactics. We provided tangible actions that could be implemented across communications, policy and the local environment to encourage our audiences to meet the behavioural goals. The report informed a website review and was instrumental in the development of Visit Mid Wales’ autumn campaign. Recommendations were shared with local businesses to help them implement “nudges” that could provide a better environment for audiences, and therefore improve behaviours.


Lynn PR undertook primary and secondary research to better understand the specific challenges facing the sector. We held consultation sessions with businesses and community stakeholders and developed a PESTLE analysis to help our client be aware of existing and future risks.

We recommended four broad behavioural goals to support MWT and its partners in its recovery programme:

  1. Attracting responsible visitors to Wales
  2. Encouraging visitors to spend money in the Welsh economy
  3. Encouraging tourists and locals to practice safe behaviours
  4. Encouraging locals to welcome visitors

As part of this project, Lynn PR conducted two quantitative surveys amongst tourists and local communities. We collected insights from a total of 2,175 people who were surveyed anonymously. The surveys were delivered bilingually, and no personalised information was collected.

The purpose of each survey was to validate or disprove our behavioural hypotheses. These were the first behavioural insights surveys undertaken by MWT, and the wider Welsh tourism sector.

This case study was written by Shayoni Lynn, Director at Lynn PR.

Lynn PR supported us with behavioural insights research for the reopening of the tourism sector in Mid Wales. We have been impressed with their strategic counsel and professional service, working at speed to support us with our plans. Thanks to the research and analysis undertaken by Lynn PR, we now better understand our audiences and have clear ideas on how to connect with them as we move from crisis to recovery.
Val Hawkins
Chief Executive, Mid Wales Tourism

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