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We predict behaviours

Welcome to The BS Unit. That stands for behavioural science (obviously!). We view challenges through the lens of human behaviour, offering counterintuitive solutions which have a much higher propensity to cut through the noise – so your audiences pay attention, understand your message, and ultimately take action.

How we can help you

Our world-leading behavioural science expertise means we offer effective system-wide change and create supportive conditions that facilitate behaviour change.

We’ve developed a suite of products and services that will help you predict how your audiences might perceive and react to messages, so you can create the most effective communications, services, and policies that help your audiences take the right decisions that improve their lives. Every BS Unit product can be integrated into Lynn’s broader campaign offer.


Our products include:

(Research, Insights, Analysis)

Behavioural Diagnostic

Choice Architecture Review

RIA – Research, Insights Analysis – We offer bespoke fully-scoped research packages. If you have a research question that needs  answering, we will answer it.

Behavioural Diagnostic – We analyse and assess all aspects of human behaviour, from judgement and decision making to cognition. Our diagnostic shows you why your target audience behaves the why they do, and how to nudge this behaviour via structural, informational, cognitive, and communications interventions. 

Choice Architecture Review – How does your decision-making environment (the choice architecture) affect your audiences’ decisions? We map out the journey your target audience takes, we chart their influences to current and desired behaviours, and we propose nudges and other behavioural interventions to improve this journey, increasing the likelihood of your audiences taking positive action. 

At Lynn, we use behavioural science to improve and save lives. Our behavioural design allows audiences to make the right decisions for themselves but with all the necessary information that they may have previously not considered. At Lynn, we persuade and educate, never manipulate.