Climate action must start now.

This week has proven that climate change is an emergency.

As practitioners, we have discussed at length how we can affect societal change and provide solutions to what is, arguably, our most complex challenge. At Lynn, we believe that we need to mobilise the public from climate grief to climate action. We need a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve ambitious net zero targets.

But why don’t people adopt behaviours that can remedy this existential threat?

From cognitive overload causing inertia, our susceptibility to ‘hyperbolic discounting’ (where we prefer more immediate smaller-sooner rewards compared to larger-later rewards) to a sense of disempowerment when it comes to tackling such challenges, there are a many complex reasons why individuals continue to defer climate-positive behaviours. And our external context plays a huge role too: the cost of living crisis and a looming recession, for example, will have a real impact on whether we choose to behave in climate-positive ways or not. 

At Lynn, we understand that the reasons why we do what we do are not always simple.

Our behaviours are rooted in our experiences, local context, and social influences. We constantly make trade-offs and substitutions when making decisions, instinctively, intuitively, without often noticing that we are doing so. Some may even call us predictably irrational!

To achieve change needs a bold, human-centric approach.

Solutions that are counterintuitive that capture attention; messages that are persuasive because they take into account our lived experiences and social context. 

This is why, in May this year, we launched Lynn Planet

Lynn Planet is our dedicated practice to better understand, analyse, and interpret the various issues surrounding climate action. A multi-disciplinary practice that can propose new, innovative, integrated solutions that can positively affect change.

We understand that we need to persuade not just individuals but galvanise their communities.

We need a different lens if our approach is to work – one that adopts systems thinking, misinformation strategy, and behavioural science.

Because if we do not act now, our planet will be lost forever. At Lynn, our mission is simple: to use behavioural science to improve and save lives.


CEO and Founder


If you would like to discuss how Lynn Planet may support your climate and sustainability initiatives using a multi-disciplinary approach combining behavioural science, misinformation strategy, systems thinking, macroeconomics, and sociology, please get in touch with us at contact@lynn.global

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