Climate conspiracy theories you need to know

The climate crisis is at a tipping point. Climate change conspiracy theories can have dire consequences for the environment, our local communities, and society at large. It can even be fatal when large sections of our society engage in their propagation.

In this report from Lynn, you’ll find six climate change conspiracy theories that are radicalising vulnerable audiences. By exposing the narratives weaponised by anthropogenic climate change deniers, communicators across public, private and third sector organisations can be equipped to devise a messaging playbook designed to keep online users protected from mis/disinformation that undermines climate-positive activities.

Mis/disinformation is an ever-present threat for communications teams globally. It is only through understanding superspreaders and the platforms that they are weaponising, can tactical plans be devised to counter their narratives. From purported ‘scientific uncertainty’ to more preposterous claims, this briefing provides an overview of the lies and spin that have been sown into the public consciousness.

The world needs a behavioural and cultural reset to create an ecosystem fit for future generations. At Lynn Planet, we understand the profound challenges that surround climate and sustainability programmes. Our dedicated practice connects behavioural scientists, macroeconomists, social psychologists, misinformation strategists, and sustainability experts to provide innovative and integrated solutions to change behaviours for good.

This is a call to action. To save our planet, we must act now.

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