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How behavioural science helped improve covid-19 vaccine take up by 77.8%

The brief

Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) ICS/ NHS South East London (SEL CCG) wanted to launch a targeted, integrated data-driven campaign to drive behaviour change amongst young people (18-39 years old) in South East London to improve COVID 19 vaccination take-up. 

This campaign to engage needed to: 

  • Reach a minimum 667,786 SEL residents aged 18-39 
  • Secure an engagement rate of at least 1.5% amongst minority communities 
  • Direct at least 6,000 users to the campaign landing page over 4 weeks
  • Improve vaccination rates to meet overall CCG/ICS targets from previous period:
    • +9.38% for 18-29 year olds
    • +3.62% for 30-39 year olds

The Lynn Approach

Our Behavioural Science Unit began research and randomised experiments with the primary audience to better understand their motivations, influences and cognitive barriers. This helped us identify commonalities and an access point to reframe the covid-19 vaccination as a positive choice for young people.

#DontMissYourVaccine enabled us to leverage the concept of FREEDOM and by doing so reposition vaccinations from a threat to a proactive, positive choice harnessing the power of personal benefits.  We used striking aspirational imagery and a powerful narrative (spoken word poetry for TV and radio ads) to remind people about all the things they can look forward to once vaccinated. 

By hosting a series of Instagram and Facebook Live sessions with NHS experts we transformed public health engagement.  We also used strategic media placement to increase audience engagement with the video screened during Love Island, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Inbetweeners, Made in Chelsea, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

The campaign was delivered across: print ,digital, TV, OOH, and radio and amplified through partner and influencer relations.

Using our research insights, we:

Reframed the original campaign to be more persuasive to younger audiences, including a campaign strategy with measurable objectives, a refreshed creative suite, and updated messaging matrix.

Revised the channel mix, upweighting delivery on channels like Snapchat and further promoting our content on Reels and Lives. Transformed the campaign landing page (www.nhsselvax.com) into a full microsite, using behavioural design to inform user journey and the decision-making environment (choice architecture). We further reduced friction to key calls to action and ensured that all key elements within the microsite were tracked so we could deploy attribution tracking.

Despite the pace of delivery, we did not sacrifice our science-led methodology, conducting three experiments to understand what content, calls to action, and creatives were most resonant with our new audiences.

The data insights we collected via our experiments were then used to activate our campaign.

We also developed toolkits for our client’s partners to share our campaign on their owned channels, helping us reach more residents and build resonance to our calls to action.

The Lynn Impact

The #DontMissYourVaccine results exceeded expectations demonstrating the power of behavioural science.  It is also a multi award winning campaign and recognised as a dynamic vaccination campaign by both NHS England & Improvement and the Cabinet Office.  

Reached 2.2M residents 

5M impressions

2.4% engagement rate 

Over 123,000 views of our campaign video 

Over 30,000 visits to the campaign landing page 

But most importantly…

+77.8% improvement in vaccine take-up for residents aged 18-29 

+10.8% improvement in vaccine take-up for residents aged 30-39 

Vaccination rates among minority communities increased faster since campaign activation than those of white ethnicity (65.6% increase)