Don't Miss Your Vaccine

NHS south east london

How behavioural science helped improve covid-19 vaccine take up by 77.8%

What services we used

“We are passionate about using the power of behavioural science to improve lives, wherever we can.”

The brief

Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) ICS/ NHS South East London (SEL CCG) aimed to initiate a data-driven campaign to encourage COVID-19 vaccination uptake among young adults (18-39 years) in South East London.

The Approach

The Behavioural Science Unit conducted research and experiments with the target audience to understand their motivations and barriers, leading to strategies for presenting COVID-19 vaccination as a positive choice for young people.

#DontMissYourVaccine campaign reframed vaccinations as a proactive choice for freedom, using aspirational imagery and spoken word poetry in ads to highlight the personal benefits and activities to enjoy post-vaccination.

We updated the campaign to better appeal to younger audiences, incorporating a strategy with clear goals, new creative content, and revised messaging.

We also developed toolkits for our client’s partners to share our campaign on their owned channels, helping us reach more residents and build resonance to our calls to action.

The Impact

The #DontMissYourVaccine results exceeded expectations demonstrating the power of behavioural science.  It is also a multi award winning campaign and recognised as a dynamic vaccination campaign by both NHS England & Improvement and the Cabinet Office.  

Reached 2.2M residents 

2.4% engagement rate 

Over 123,000 views of our campaign video 

Over 30,000 clicks to key calls to action

But most importantly…

+77.8% improvement in vaccine take-up for residents aged 18-29 

+10.8% improvement in vaccine take-up for residents aged 30-39 

Vaccination rates among minority communities increased faster since campaign activation than those of white ethnicity (65.6% increase) 

The Behavioural Science

  • Behaviour Change Wheel
  • Identifying behaviours, and analysing barriers to action using COM-B and TDF frameworks

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