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A War of Disinformation: Lynn CEO set to speak at the PRovoke EMEA 2023 Summit.

The 23rd of March is a big day for the comms and PR industry. Before the SABRE Awards evening, PRovoke Media is hosting their EMEA 2023 Summit. The summit will cover five different topics during the evening, most covering comms and PR strategy in our changing climate. The last topic, however, will be covered by  our very own Shayoni Lynn speaking on The Disinformation War

When Russia invaded Ukraine 13 months ago, The Misinformation Cell at Lynn was quick to respond. Creating a pro-bono misinformation toolkit – in English, Ukrainian and Russian – Lynn entered to help fight in the second, more nuanced war Putin is fighting: the information war. Lynn’s aim was to arm the communications community and civil society with the tools needed to fight back. Arming us by understanding Putin’s Far-Right Propaganda network

In the session at the PRovoke EMEA 2023 Summit, Shayoni Lynn, David Gallagher (co-chair of the Ukraine Communications Support Network) and Adrian Monck (former managing director and head of public and social engagement at the World Economic Forum) will discuss how the fight against misinformation and disinformation has evolved. They will also advise businesses and communications communities on how they might continue to play their part in supporting Ukraine.

If you’d like to hear more about how The Misinformation Cell is helping fight the war on information, or if you would like to know how your brand can defend against misinformation, contact Stefan Rollnick at 

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