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The brief

Bron Afon Community Housing, alongside other housing associations in Wales, run an annual tenant consultation (mandated by Welsh Government) to see how tenants perceive their rent, service charges and the level of support provided to them. Usually, this survey generates c.40 responses and is not representative of the entire tenant population. 

Lynn were brought in to run a behaviourally-informed proactive, social media campaign that seeks to secure increased responses and from a diverse tenant community to support this legislative requirement – in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Fair Rents was one of the housing association’s most successful campaigns, securing very high engagement from diverse tenants on an important but complex topic.

We met and exceeded our response target, securing 326 high-quality responses (+805%) – a nearly ten-fold increase to a key activity for the housing association. Importantly, we achieved significant behaviour change by being able to create a positive space for discussion for tenants, as was noted by our quality. 

We delivered up to 95x improvement in engagement, at 8.5% engagement across key social media channels, compared with typical campaign benchmarks

We secured a 12.3% conversion rate (across industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, top 25% convert at 5.31%, & the top 10% convert  at 11.45% or higher. Wordstream, 2020)


We carried out a rapid research phase which included desk research, literature review, and analysis of primary and proxy Bron Afon data to establish baselines. We conducted a series of consultations to identify the specific actions needed to drive behaviour change. We prioritised audiences, analysing and diagnosing behaviours, and provided insights on their decision-making. We used the COM-B framework to diagnose barriers in capability, opportunity and motivation, and wider behavioural science models to isolate cognitive biases.

We also analysed rent-setting and relevant policy documents from Community Housing Cymru, HouseMark Star, Sector Scorecard (England).

We identified, mapped, and prioritised audiences to establish targeting profiles, so we could generate the most return on investment on paid media spend.

Using data and behavioural insights, we: 

  • developed a creative digital communications strategy, setting measurable objectives and developing the campaign identity “Your Bron Afon” to futureproof and establish the start of meaningful, proactive engagement with tenants. 
  • simplified the user journey and created a more effective choice architecture (the decision-making environment for our audiences). 
  • reached and engaged our audiences online via social media, using behavioural science and insights to drive action to this key survey. 

We conducted 3 randomised online trials testing creatives and content. 

We used data insights from the test phase to scale up the campaign.

The campaign was delivered in 4 weeks with real-time monitoring on a daily basis.

As a digital-first campaign, Fair Rents delivered outstanding return on investment and set new benchmarks for Bron Afon. This was a data-driven campaign informed by behavioural insights. We used data-insights from our test phase to inform campaign activation, specifically around paid media. We delivered the campaign in bursts and monitored in real-time; in order to ensure an effective and responsive campaign which would deliver against agreed KPIs and deliver business outcomes.

Speaking about the Fair Rents Campaign, Mark Doubler, Head of Community and Customer Services at Bron Afon Community Housing said: “Working with Lynn on our affordable rents campaign enabled us to hear the views of a much broader cross section of our customers than we have managed in previous years. The behavioural insight approach ensured that the quality of those responses was such that we can have confidence that the views of our customers are front and centre in changes to our rent policy.”

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