For a minute, hit pause

As comms and PR pros, we juggle multiple tasks on shoestring budgets with expectations of delivery yesterday. Yes, we are creative, innovative, and resilient and we are committed to delivering success for our organisations. But we are also overworked, underpaid, often juggling and navigating a multitude of competing priorities and complex relationships whilst trying to keep a smile on our faces.

So, for a minute, hit pause.

Imagine the cacophony slow down and ask yourself this one question: So what?

So what happened as a result of your outputs? That press release, that social media post, that brilliant publication you delivered – so what happened as a result of that? What did it do for your programme and for your organisation?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand, as communicators, the need to be responsive and agile. If a crisis hits, or if your chief executive wants something done, we all need to make the space to prioritise these tasks. But for the day to day, for the programmes we manage and run, how often do we take a breath to ask: Why did this work? Why didn’t this work? And how could this work better?

In our jobs, output is seen as king. The busier we are, the more we do, the more impact it makes with our organisations. But I would argue, reflection and evaluation are as important (if not more) to the success of programmes, and the mental health of practitioners. Sometimes, less is more.

If you’re struggling to hit pause and need a hand prioritising and strategising, drop us an email at contact@lynn.global

This article was written by Shayoni Lynn, CEO at Lynn.

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