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Here, we share updates from our work at Lynn – from announcements, award wins to case studies of how we effectively use behavioural science and misinformation strategy to create and implement campaigns that improve and save lives.

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We are delighted and honoured to have been awarded The Mark of Excellence at this year's CIPR Excellence Awards, in the New PR Consultancy of the Year Award category, which recognises the achievements, performance and excellent work over the last 12 months of a new PR consultancy.

A snapshot into motivations, influences and barriers faced by young audiences; by Lynn PR Vaccine hesitancy is a complex issue. For many who are hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccines, concerns are not around the efficacy of vaccines in general. Rather, research from IFF (commissioned by the ONS, May 2021) demonstrates fears around safety because of how quickly the vaccines have been developed, and a lack of understanding about long-term side effects of the vaccines, especially as they have been in use for such a short time.

The BS Monitor is the first dedicated pulse-check of literacy and adoption of behavioural science in the PR and communications industry.

We often overestimate how quickly we can do something. You may think that’s just down to poor planning - and it often can be - but there’s more at play than just time management.

Thrive LDN has commissioned Lynn PR to deliver a vital public mental health and wellbeing campaign which will support Londoners experiencing bereavement and complicated grief to access relevant services and resources at a time of great need.

When we present information, we frame it. And framing affects how audiences understand information, how they react, and ultimately, how they behave.

1 in 4 people in the UK will struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. That involves your employees, co-workers, interns, and everyone else around you. With mental health taking a big hit over the past year and a half since the pandemic came knocking, we should all be paying closer attention to how we can support our employees’ wellbeing.

Lynn PR is receiving recognition for innovation and excellence our work, being shortlisted for multiple categories in both the PR Moment Awards 2021 and the PRCA Dare Awards 2021 for our campaign work, as well as being shortlisted for the coveted New PR Consultancy of the Year Award at the CIPR Excellence Awards 2021.

Like flowing water, people will often take the path of least resistance. If there are two or more options, a “default” provides a predetermined path for people to follow if nothing is specifically decided (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008). For example, chainsaws are now sold with a deadman switch, stopping the dangerous machine when you are no longer gripping it. A more everyday example would be when you leave your phone or computer for a while, and the screen locks. Of course you are free to change this by diving into Settings and making changes, but how many of us do?

Hertfordshire Local Resilience Forum (HLRF) has commissioned Lynn PR to deliver behavioural and data science research into young people’s views about COVID-19. This vital research will inform current and future COVID-related work.

Lynn PR’s behavioural science approach to communications has been recognised as sector-leading, earning the coveted Best Use of Reporting and Measurement in a Campaign at the national PRCA Digital Awards 2021 for our #FreeYourMind campaign. This category looks to highlight innovative measurement and reporting of a digital campaign delivered in 2020.

The anchoring effect is our tendency to use the first piece of information we come across, or the first piece of information presented to us, when making a decision.

Two Lynn PR campaigns have been shortlisted in the national PRCA Digital Awards 2021, judged by some of the biggest names from the worlds of digital leadership, communications and journalism.

Lynn PR founder Shayoni Lynn has been included in the PRWeek UK Power Book 2021 – an extensive list of the most influential and respected communications professionals in the UK today.

Lynn PR founder Shayoni Lynn has been included in the PRWeek UK Power Book 2021 – an extensive list of the most influential and respected communications professionals in the UK today.