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Here, we share updates from our work at Lynn – from announcements, award wins to case studies of how we effectively use behavioural science and misinformation strategy to create and implement campaigns that improve and save lives.

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We live in a polarised world, rife with misinformation and disinformation, where trust in government is plummeting. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in building trust within our communities... So how can we use Behavioural Science to build trust?

As human beings, we make many of our decisions using rational thought processes. Yet, there are hundreds and thousands of decisions we make instinctively every day.

Introducing Nudge Theory With a few holiday days to use before April rolls around, you open your preferred hotel/house/pitch booking app, ready for a couple …

PR has a problem. For too long, practitioners continue to prioritise tactics over insights and strategy. This is not news. This is something we collectively …

As comms and PR pros, we juggle multiple tasks on shoestring budgets with expectations of delivery yesterday. Yes, we are creative, innovative, and resilient and …

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