Campaign image of two friends and getting the Covid-19 vaccine
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Lynn delivers urgent public health campaign #DontMissYourVaccine

Lynn are working with Our Healthier South East London to deliver an urgent behaviour change vaccination campaign for young people in south east London.

The campaign, for our client Our Healthier South East London will aim to reach and engage young people and encourage them to access the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lynn have carried out significant primary research into the motivations and influences of young audiences, as well as their barriers to vaccine take-up, and are now bringing these insights to complement local research and insights undertaken by Our Healthier South East London.

To help motivate and encourage as many young people in south east London to access the vaccine, Lynn have developed #DontMissYourVaccine, a data-driven, behaviourally-informed campaign that reminds audiences of the personal benefits available to them when vaccinated against COVID-19.  

Our Healthier South East London Deputy Director of Communications and Engagement, Pamela Froggatt, said: “Vaccination drives are crucial at the moment, and making sure we administer as many doses as possible is essential to help south east London get back to normal. As young people are the last adult group to be invited for their vaccines, effective campaigns like ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ will help us improve vaccination rates across our communities and ultimately, save lives.”

CEO of Lynn, Shayoni Lynn, added: “We’re honoured to support Our Healthier South East London in delivering such an important piece of work that could have life-changing consequences. Having previously worked on vaccination and other public health campaigns across England and Wales, we are able to deliver the ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ campaign at short notice to help Our Healthier South East London vaccinate as many people as possible before restrictions are lifted.”

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