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Lynn launches The BS Monitor

The BS Monitor is the first dedicated pulse-check of literacy and adoption of behavioural science in the PR and communications industry.

The annual behavioural science in public relations capability research survey, launched by Lynn, will help establish how aware and educated PR and communications professionals are in behavioural science methodologies, as well as the current usage of behavioural science in communications practice today. 

By establishing a baseline of literacy and adoption, Lynn will track improvements each year, helping PR and communications practitioners understand the state of the nation in regards to behavioural science usage to inform their own programmes. 

“The BS Monitor is the first dedicated pulse-check of the literacy and adoption of behavioural science in the public relations and communications industry”, says Shayoni Lynn, CEO of Lynn. 

“Organisations across the world are starting to see the impact that behaviourally-informed communications can have in helping them achieve their goals.  COVID-19 has definitely played a big part in accelerating the understanding and adoption of behavioural science in communications, especially to help people adopt new behaviours at pace. The landscape in practice is changing fast and PR and communications practitioners can significantly enhance their programmes by using behavioural science methodologies. We’re excited to help tell the story and track the understanding and usage in our industry now and into the future with The BS Monitor.”

Results from The BS Monitor will be available to all PR and communications practitioners free of charge. To join the waiting list so you can receive a copy of the report as soon as it’s published, please leave your email address at the end of the survey.

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