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Lynn to continue work on vital public health campaign #DontMissYourVaccine in Royal Greenwich

Lynn are working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the NHS to continue delivery of the urgent behaviour change vaccination campaign for young people.

The initial campaign in the borough, delivered in July as a localisation of the umbrella campaign for Our Healthier South East London, noted improvements of +235% on reach, +72% on engagement, and +649% on conversion targets within the borough in 2 weeks.

As a result of this successful localisation, Lynn have been recommissioned to carry out further work, specifically aiming to reach and engage those aged 18-29 in the borough, in order to encourage them to access the COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible.

David Pinson, Head of Commissioning and Health Protection at the Royal Borough of Greenwich, said: “Continuing our successful work with Lynn is important as we transition to contacting and encouraging younger audiences to quickly access the vaccine. Ensuring we are reaching and engaging them on the channels they use will help us save lives in Royal Greenwich.”

Russell Cartwright, Assistant Director of Communications & Engagement at NHS South East London CCG, said: “Behavioural and data informed campaigns are crucial in the final stages of our fight against COVID-19 in Royal Greenwich. This approach helps us to understand what motivates people to make decisions and develop materials that will change behaviours positively. Building on our wider success of ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ in south east London, we aim to engage younger people to get both their first and second vaccine doses as soon as they are able to.”

CEO of Lynn, Shayoni Lynn, added: “We’ve delivered some impactful results in Royal Greenwich in a very short amount of time but the work does not stop here. I’m delighted that the team sees the value in what we bring to the table and that we can extend our partnership working to get as many young people in Royal Greenwich vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

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