Lynn PR to deliver a vital public health campaign for Hertfordshire Health Protection Board
Lynn PR will be working in partnership with HLRF to develop and deliver a data-driven digital behaviour change campaign, using targeted digital communications to reach and engage as many eligible young Hertfordshire residents (aged 18-26) as possible. Using behavioural insights and our strategic approach, the campaign will encourage young people in Hertfordshire to access the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they can.

Hertfordshire’s Health Protection Board (HHPB) has commissioned Lynn PR to deliver a vital behaviour change vaccination campaign for young people in Hertfordshire. 

HHPB, which works alongside the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to bring together the NHS, local councils, emergency services and others, is seeking to increase vaccine uptake amongst young people in Hertfordshire, specifically those between the ages of 18 and 34. 

Lynn PR will work in partnership with HHPB to develop and deliver a data-driven digital behaviour change campaign, aiming to reach and engage as many young Hertfordshire residents as possible, and encourage them to access the vaccine quickly. Having previously conducted primary research in the area, Lynn PR will deploy behavioural and data insights to activate a persuasive, creative campaign at pace.  

Thom Burn, Chair of the Hertfordshire LRF Comms Cell, said: “The behavioural insights and research undertaken by Lynn PR has already informed key COVID-19 messaging and approach for a very successful campaign targeting 18-25 year-olds. We are delighted to extend our research partnership into a campaign because we know Lynn PR can deliver a campaign that will engage our residents in Hertfordshire.”

Founder of Lynn PR, Shayoni Lynn, added:We are delighted to continue working with HHPB on this incredibly important public health campaign. We look forward to applying our robust methodology to deliver against this brief, and engage as many young people as we possibly can. Over the past year, we have undertaken significant primary research into COVID-19, including how it is impacting young audiences. We understand their challenges and frustrations and aim to create communications and content that not only resonates with them but persuades them into taking action.”

The partnership has been funded by the Hertfordshire Health Protection Board.

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