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Lynn delivering a vital public mental health and wellbeing campaign to support those experiencing bereavement

This project, commissioned by Thrive LDN will signpost Londoners experiencing bereavement and complicated grief to access relevant services and resources at a time of great need.

The impact that bereavement has had on Londoners and the potential for complicated grief has been recognised by the city’s health and care partners, particularly as a result of the pandemic (in London alone, there have been 16,038 deaths related to COVID-19 as of 4 May 2021. For those grieving (estimated to be a population of 80,000 in London), there is now a need to create and deliver a sensitive campaign that signposts to the relevant services and support for those Londoners experiencing or approaching complicated grief.

Lynn will use behavioural and data insights to deliver a behaviourally-informed, segmented campaign, which will aim to normalise grief and provide vital support to Londoners during one of the most difficult times of their lives. Done right, this could equip people with preventative practices, signposting to the right resources at a time of great need, and could even save lives, by helping Londoners address mental ill-health before it becomes a crisis, especially within the area of bereavement and complicated grief.

Thrive LDN director, Dan Barrett, said: “Many Londoners have experienced very sudden and traumatic loss during the pandemic. As we begin to work towards London’s recovery from the pandemic, now is the right time to reflect upon the scale of loss and death which is still being felt, both individually and collectively.

“Nothing will make losing someone any easier, but we need to get London talking about grief and bereavement and work towards bereaved people having access to support that meets their particular needs, when they need it.”

Founder of Lynn, Shayoni Lynn, added: “We are looking forward to supporting Thrive LDN with such a critical campaign, and during such a difficult time. Our extensive work in public health means we understand the importance of reaching and engaging diverse communities with the right message at the right time, in order to enable them access the correct information and services that can not only improve, but also save lives. This is a difficult topic, and needs to be approached sensitively. But it is an extremely important topic and we feel privileged to be able to apply our robust methodology and behavioural science application to deliver against this brief.”

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