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Misinfo in Pharma

misinformation report 2023

Misinformation in Pharma's Digital Age

Amidst the surge in false narratives, particularly surrounding health and wellbeing, we delve into a pressing concern: the impact of misinformation on the global pharma industry. In a world increasingly influenced by digital technology, particularly AI, understanding the landscape of health-related misinformation has never been more critical. Our comprehensive Lynn report addresses this urgent issue by exploring the dual nature of opportunities and challenges presented in this digital era, focusing on the proliferation of misinformation and its consequences.

This report offers an in-depth analysis of how misinformation affects trust in the pharmaceutical sector and the resultant implications for public health outcomes. It’s an essential read for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, including communication specialists and risk management officers, providing valuable insights and strategies to counteract the spread of false narratives.

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