My Journey - Southampton City Council

Behavioral science led to a 3% rise in the probability of switching transport methods for short trips.

What services we used

“We are passionate about using the power of behavioural science to improve lives, wherever we can.”

The brief

Lynn together with the My Journey brand, on behalf of National Highways, have developed a comprehensive, behaviorally informed campaign to support commuters’ altering their modes of transport in the Solent area by encouraging drivers to:

  1. Remode: Switch car journeys to sustainable travel options (public and active transport) 
  2. Reduce: Aim to minimise unnecessary car journeys
  3. Retime: Travel by car during non-peak times, avoiding tailbacks and congestion

The Approach

Lynn conducted primary behavioural research as part of this, created a campaign approach and a creative identity, followed by a full campaign activation in March 2023.

Campaign goals included: 

  • Help Solent residents Remode, Retime, and Reduce their car journeys
  • Change behaviour by driving greater use of sustainable travel methods, including public and active transport methods
  • Send residents to the My Journey website, which hosts relevant materials to aid decision making

The Impact

835,187 people reached

3.16% engagement rate

26,360 clicks to key calls to action

The Behavioural Science

  • Highly targeted audience mapping and segmentation
  • Identifying behaviours, and analysing barriers to action using COM-B and TDF frameworks
  • Randomised online trials testing of creatives and content
  • Targeted surveys and analysis to ensure effective campaign development and management

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