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Number 1 fastest growing agency in the world 2022.

We have been named the fastest growing communications business in the WORLD by PRovoke Media.


This past year the Lynn team has grown at speed, launching the Misinformation Cell – a first-of-its-kind offer in our industry – and the Behavioural Science Unit. We have rebranded to Lynn because what we do is so much more than PR. We save and improve lives with communications – powered by behavioural science.

Our success isn’t measured in awards won, but in lives improved and lives saved. That’s what unites #teamlynn.

Today we were reminded that when we focus on being creative, taking calculated risks, and building a positive culture, the results take care of themselves. We’re so grateful to PRovoke Media for recognising our hard work, and we’re over the moon for all of the other innovative businesses in our sector who got recognition too. Competition is healthy, and we welcome it.

Growing this fast isn’t easy but we don’t glamourise toxic cultures of performative work and working relentlessly out of hours. We believe our growth is sustainable because we’ve built it on a foundation of looking out for each other. 

Our growing team of leaders lead by demonstrating what a healthy culture looks like through being driven AND balanced.

Our success would not be possible with our clients, so we want to say a huge thank you to our clients who have put their faith in us, and allowing us to demonstrate what we are capable of. We believe that all of our campaigns, from #DontMissYourVaccine to #KnowTheRISK, and from #FreeYourMind to #VaccinationSavesLives, demonstrate the potential for smart communications to make a positive impact.

In our #teamLynn manifesto, put together with input from EVERYONE across the business, we say that we’re united by a desire to ‘do good things’.

As we grow, we look forward to doing even more good things at an even larger scale.

Thanks PRovoke!


If you would like to see the whole list from PRovoke, you can read it here.

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