The far-right in the United Kingdom are using Vladimir Putin’s propaganda war for their own, unpatriotic and dangerous ends to attack our systems of government, way of life and institutions of democracy.

This report from Lynn’s The Misinformation Cell provides key insights into how they’re doing it, to help journalists, communicators, campaigners and policymakers in the UK fight back.

In the wake of the 2016 European Union referendum and United States presidential election, much of the attention and blame was directed away from the US and the UK, and towards Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who stood accused of ‘meddling’. Many of these accusations were plausible, and serious, but the chorus of blame often covered up a more disturbing truth: much of the damage to our democracies was ‘coming from inside the house’.

Our first report provided users with a Narrative Response Toolkit which contained simple, easy to follow content recommendations on how to fight back.

Now we seek to help our colleagues in the UK understand the threats to our democracy from within, which are being bolstered by events happening abroad.

If you wish to know more about our mis/disinformation response services, or would like to partner with us in our pro-bono support for Ukraine, then please contact us.

Stefan Rollnick, Head of The Misinformation Cell at Lynn.


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