Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents



“We are passionate about using the power of behavioural science to improve lives, wherever we can.”

The brief

In 2018, 354 motorcyclists were killed in Britain. Every loss was a tragedy, but it is heart-breaking to think that some of these deaths may have been due to motorcyclist error and, therefore, preventable. Advanced motorcycle training could have saved those lives and future lives. But less than 1% of motorcyclists in Britain take such courses. 

RoSPA worked with Lynn to help them reach out to the motorcycle community, to highlight the training available, and to encourage riders to make use of it.

The Lynn Approach

Everything we do is based on the science of understanding human behaviour. In this case, motorcyclist behaviour. We started with a thorough investigation behind the reasons, as well as the barriers, behind the low uptake of advanced motorcycle training. This helped inform how to start encouraging motorcyclists to sign up to the programme.

Our Behavioural Science Unit carried out a pioneering piece of research, unprecedented not only in the history of RoSPA, but in the motorcycling industry. 

First, we conducted a series of randomised trials across England. These trials aimed at both responsive and hard-to-reach audiences. Receiving responses across a range of regions, interest groups, and demographics, we were able to conduct an in-depth analysis in granular detail. In tandem, by consulting all the different stakeholders, we could identify the most impactful communications touchpoints to deliver the campaign message to our target audience. 

Because of this ‘granular’ testing, we were able to spotlight specific types of content that had immediate, local impact. And, because we are outcome obsessed, we kept running online control trials, then using those test insights to confirm and amend our recommendations.

The Lynn Impact

285,117 people reached

4.6% engagement rate

11,783 clicks to key calls to action

The Behavioural Science

  • Highly targeted audience mapping and segmentation
  • Identifying behaviours, and analysing barriers to action using COM-B and TDF frameworks
  • Randomised online trials testing of creatives and content
  • Choice architecture audit to make sure signing up for training was straightforward
  • Targeted surveys and analysis to ensure effective campaign development and management

The Last Word

“We know traditional agency models can often get in the way of brilliant work, and don’t suit every brief. So, we’ve created a new approach, building bespoke teams that draw from a highly networked group of behavioural scientists, communications and misinformation experts, SMEs, creatives, content production, delivery and client service specialists. 

Because our work is rooted in the science of human behaviour, we can operate across any sector, any category, any channel and all comms disciplines. And we are passionate about using the power of behavioural science to improve lives, wherever we can.”

Shayoni Lynn, CEO of Lynn.

PRCA DARE award finalist 2021