Sophie Howe joins Lynn Group as Global Strategic Partner

Today (16 May 2023), Sophie Howe was announced as a Global Strategic Partner of Cardiff based Lynn Group.

Behavioural science communications consultancy Lynn Group, headquartered in Cardiff, has today unveiled Sophie Howe as their first Global Strategic Partner, further cementing the firm’s commitment to creating world-wide positive societal impact.   

As the world’s first Future Generations Commissioner, Ms Howe will partner with Founder & CEO Shayoni Lynn – a leading strategic communications consultant, specialising in data, behaviour change, and evaluation – as well as the firm’s Board, to support clients in addressing how they can bring about the change needed in order to successfully navigate the seismic global changes that the next few years will bring for businesses.

As the world faces the joint challenges of reacting to, and reducing the effects of climate change, Ms Howe’s mission and purpose is perfectly aligned to Lynn’s, namely to improve and save lives be that in Cardiff, Wales, the UK or globally. This will require companies to meet government environmental targets as well as commercial economic and financial goals whilst achieving their social, reputational and cultural objectives.

As leaders and experts in their respective fields, Ms Howe and Ms Lynn, by joining forces, aim to provide strategic  counsel  to clients globally  to underpin communications and marketing initiatives, as well as guidance to support  public and private sector bodies  to innovate, upskill and diversify successfully. The two have a particular focus on the importance of increasing evidence based working, improving data literacy and helping organisations fight back against disinformation which has the potential to significantly harm innovative and effective policies geared to successfully deliver on important net zero targets.  

Global Strategic Partner, Sophie Howe, said:

 “To ensure the change this world needs to survive does happen, it is imperative that public and private sector organisations recognise and embed behavioural science led communication, protected from misinformation, into all work designed to shift environmental, cultural, social, and economic norms.

“I do not underestimate the challenge of making transformational change meaningful and pragmatic. Therefore as someone who knows all too well the importance of communications to achieving positive change, the benefit of behavioural science informed communications is vital if we are to achieve important behavioural change to save our planet. Also the growing trend of mis and disinformation is producing a markedly negative impact on the speed and extent of this change, creating real-world harm to millions and affecting the implementation of crucial policy.

“What we did in the past will not continue to work in the future. Policy makers, business leaders, organisations and brands must become insight led communicators, leading the field in behaviourally informed, evidence based messaging. It is only then that real world, positive outcomes, become possible.

“Therefore I am delighted to be partnering with Shayoni and the Lynn team, who are pioneers in the field of evidence based communications. Together I believe we can achieve transformative change, which delivers on our purpose, to improve and save lives across the world.”

Lynn Group Founder & CEO, Shayoni Lynn, said:

“Leaders like Sophie are rare; a trailblazer with vision, courage and tenacity. Sophie has profoundly changed the future of Wales for the better. I am thrilled that she is joining Lynn as  Global Strategic Partner, bringing with her a wealth of experience and recognition that behavioural science informed communications, free of both dis and mis information, should top the global agenda for every key decision maker, both in the public and private sectors.

“To that end, I look forward to working with her and our clients to collectively drive the behaviour change needed – societally, economically, commercially and environmentally – and we at Lynn know that time is not on our side, so we must act fast if we hope to save our planet.” .

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