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Here, we share updates from our work at Lynn – from announcements, award wins to case studies of how we effectively use behavioural science and misinformation strategy to create and implement campaigns that improve and save lives.

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Trusting the messengers

Building trust amidst public health misinformation Where do we, as humans, go for information? As evidence tells us, the answer is trusted sources. Namely, our

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Preying on vulnerabilities

Why vaccines are so prone to misinformation Herd immunity is in trouble. As World Immunisation Week acknowledges, global vaccination coverage has seen the largest continuous

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2023: Moving Forward

Stefan Rollnick’s roundup of platform profits, vulnerabilities and the damage of disinformation. Moving forward from 2022: The year that was, 2023 looks like the year

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Misinformation Cell webinar round up: Making sense of misinformation

Monday 22 November, the Misinformation Cell held its first, sell out webinar – ‘In conversation with the Misinformation Cell’ – where our CEO Shayoni Lynn and our Head of Misinformation Cell Stefan Rollnick sat down to try to demystify mis and disinformation. If you want to make sure you’re first in the queue for our next one, you can sign up for Misinformation Cell updates here.

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