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In a world awash in mis, dis and malinformation there is a clear need to better understand information threat, when response is appropriate and what effective response looks like. At Lynn, we provide a structured, systematic approach to navigating complex, dynamic information environments to inform communications strategy and implementation.

Our solutions include

Information Threat Audit

We create a snapshot of a given information environment by combining social listening with secondary data to distill relevant contextual information, assess and prioritise information threats, and provide critical advisory.

Information Threat Scanning

We tailor our social listening tools, primary and secondary data to scan for information threats in a given information environment, providing ongoing intel and an ‘early warning system’ to discriminate information threat signal from noise.

Beliefs Diagnostic

We use our in-house methodology to evaluate relevant beliefs within target populations in terms of both embeddedness and potential harm to inform strategic communications advisory and practice.

Digital Ethnography

We combine social listening with our expertise in social and behavioural science to gain an in-depth understanding of specific information threats, including misinformation and conspiracy thinking. Our approach focuses on understanding narratives, their impact, and influential actors and/or communities.

Proactive Response

We develop and implement communication strategies to mitigate the impact of misinformation and other information threats, including inoculating audiences against misinformation, building their resilience, and raising awareness to empower organisations and communities against misinformation.

Reactive Response

We develop and implement communication strategies designed to counteract harmful false or misleading information, including crafting counter-narratives, debunking misinformation, and delivering crisis communications to restore and protect your organization’s reputation.


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