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At Lynn, we are a core team of communications specialists, misinformation strategists and behavioural scientists working together to improve and save lives.

We are always looking for talent who believe in our mission. Drop us an email with your CV on or view our current opportunities below.

We are always on the look out for great talent.

Please get in touch via if you would like to discuss the following roles:

Behavioural Analyst

Campaigns Officers

Social Community Managers




current vacancies

Lynn – do good things

We are not a family.

We are a collective with diverse backgrounds but with shared values.

We are not ‘employees’. We are fallible human beings with rich, complex and sometimes difficult lives who make mistakes but have each other’s backs.

We let our work speak for itself. In a world where some people are talking more while doing less, we don’t sit on the sidelines. We all take ownership of our work. That means going outside of our comfort zone. That means rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in. That means getting things wrong and learning from it, growing from it. We hold each other accountable because we owe it to each other to bring out our best.

As individuals, our work isn’t our purpose – but in it, we find purpose.

We make an impact at scale, and we have fun while doing it. We close our laptops most days content in the knowledge that we’ve made the world a tangibly better place – measured in lives improved and lives saved.

And some days we’re not content – because at Lynn we have bad days too. And that’s okay.

We’re not looking for sharp elbows, perfection or workaholism. We’re looking for integrity, transparency and authenticity.

Communications is about making stuff simple. So we’ll put it simply:

When you join Lynn, we’ll give you the opportunity to grow.

We’ll give you the opportunity to find purpose in your work.

And above all else, we’ll give you the opportunity to do good things.